How to Maintain your Massage Chair for long term Use

A massage chair is just like every other piece of equipment in terms of maintenance. From time to time, it needs to be taken care of otherwise it will lose its efficiency and can easily not work like it is supposed to. This is why the least that can be done for it is greasing after every two or three months. Since the chairs do not have much going on in them other than mechanical vibrations through motors, greasing can work wonders for performance if done correctly and in a timely manner.

Since massage chairs are an expensive piece of furniture, people hesitate a lot in working on it themselves. A lot of discussion happens online about how to do it so a brief explanation here should work for most people. Every chair is different and has different “greasing points”, but there are some similarities. I am going to give you the instructions that were given to us by Infinite Therapeutics when we had a local IT-8500 that had begun to squeak. The basic design behind the functionality of best massage chairs ensures that most chairs can be operated on in the same manner.

Use white lithium grease, which can be purchased from any hardware or departmental store. Certain “pivot points” exist in the chair which need to be greased. The model described above has these: the back of the recliner (for zero gravity, footrest, backrest lifting), the pin roll of the recliner and the connection for the recliner hangers, the connection between the backrest and seat stand, the footrest recliner pushing rollers and spout, the connection between the footrest and seat stand. Most chairs will follow similar pivot points but there can be more or less of them and in different positions. The best way to go about it is to contact the manufacturer and see what information they send you and accordingly grease those points as you would not want to be touching points where there should not be any grease.

It is the pivot points that may vary from model to model, but they all have them. Lithium grease can be purchased either as a spray or cream and both have pros and cons. The spray can penetrate deeper into the pivot points but over-spray may get on the upholstery and compromise it. The cream doesn’t have the initial permeation of the area like a spray, but if too much is put on, clumps of it can fall on the upholstery and compromise it as well.

If you are unsure about your mechanical skills and do not feel confident enough in opening up the machine and tinkering it yourself, the best option is to always call the concerned department of the company whose chair you are using and ask them to send someone over to fix it for you. This may cost more than you might expect but it at least gives you the satisfaction of a qualified person working on your equipment. If you are reluctant to spend money on the repairs, you could also check out YouTube tutorials on how to fix it.

A Guide for Mens who want to be in Waist Training Program

One of the unique, easy and cost effective way to reduce and shed extra body fats and calories is the usage of waist trainer. Today many people are attracted to waist trainer and waist trimmer due to its wide range of benefits and advantages. The waist trainer are designed for both men & women as both men and women are in a desire to maintain their body posture and shape. Mens waist trainer are now very popular among modern men as it is helping them to get rid of their excess fats.

This article discusses various features that waist trainers for men offer and reasons why one should go for these waist trainer or waist trimmer.

Ultimate Accessory For Men:

In the beginning it was thought that ‘waist trainer’ is designed for the usage of women only but now this view has been changed because today men & women both are using waist trainer to reduce their weight and excess fats. Mens waist trainer is an effective and efficient accessory for men that can be used during work-out and other exercises. These waist trainer are designed in such a way that men can use it during their normal routine. These waist trainer are very handy and effective to use for the maintenance of your body shape & weight reduction.

Use Waist Trainer During Exercises:

Waist trainer are designed in such a way that if you use it during your workout & other exercises then you can enjoy more benefits & advantages of waist trainers. The advantages that one can get by using waist trimmer during exercise is that heat is applied directly to waist and belly due to its design and material. The waist trimmer for men are designed in the form of belt and it provides greater support to the back and abdominal muscles.

The waist trainer belts are effective in the removal of toxins from the body and burns belly fat and calories very fast. The waist trainer belt prevents back aches and back strains during weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Why Should I Buy Waist Trainer?

Mens waist trainer is an effective way for weight reduction. The features that makes waist trimmer unique and effective are listed in this article that will help & guide the readers to choose waist trainer easily.

· The waist trainer are designed in a way that fits tight on the waist & belly and keeps the body shape in line.
· The waist trainer belts are effective in decreasing the appetite.
· The belt provides core thermal heat to belly and buttock muscles and burn adipose tissue faster.
· Waist trainer are easy to use, wash and dry.
· This is less expensive in fact waist training is very cost effective.

This brief analysis of waist trainer reveals that waist trainer & waist trimmer are designed for both men & women. Moreover it is safe to use and has many advantages without any significant harm and disadvantage. You should try waist trainer to reduce your weight.